Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

When you experience excruciating pain or discomfort in one of your teeth for a long time, it isn’t something that you must overlook. The issue can be due to infected dental pulp (the core of teeth that consists of dental nerves and vessels). An endodontic treatment deals with treating problems concerning the soft pulp portion of the tooth, and it’s known as root canal treatment.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

The root canal is the innermost, soft tissue part of the tooth or pulp, which comprises of the odontogenic tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that supply to the tooth. The endodontic treatment is a sequence of procedures of removing the infected pulp, cleaning the space created and filling it with the best-suited material depending on your oral situation. The final step in the root canal treatment may come with a permanent restoration. We strongly recommend getting a crown over the operated tooth to complete the structure.

As it is a restorative solution, root canal treatment eliminates the need for tooth extraction, and the crown completes the structure so that you don't feel any irritation while eating. The crown also prevents the filling material from chipping off

Root canal therapy can solve painful issues like tooth sensitivity, decay, cavities, fractures, infections in the tooth root and pulp, abscess, and more. Moreover, it also prevents the spread of infection and protects teeth from any further damage.

Even if your tooth is severely damaged, it can be saved and restored. All you have to do is visit our dental clinic in Edmonton to find out if this treatment is meant for you or not.

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