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Night Guards

They say that prevention is better than cure. When you have the habit of teeth grinding and clenching during the night, you must prevent it rather than waiting for the consequences. Sleep bruxism or grinding and clenching while being asleep may seem normal as a lot of people do that, especially when they get nightmares. But this may result in damaged tooth enamel, loose teeth and other problems. And not to forget, you’ll get complaints from your parents, siblings, or partner for ruining their sleep.

The prevention here will be wearing the right night guards to stop grinding and clenching.

How Night Guards Can Help

By wearing the right night guards, you can lower the chances and frequency of sleep bruxism. Also, you can reduce the issues caused due to excessive grinding and clenching like:

  • Any tooth damage like tooth sensitivity
  • Jaw soreness in the morning
  • Headache and jaw muscle pain
  • Snoring

If you have any dental restorations and prosthesis like dentures, crowns, veneers, bridges, etc., wearing a night guard will prevent any damages that can be caused due to grinding. Apart from these, wearing a night guard regularly can improve your sleep patterns by giving you some sound sleep.

Along with wearing night guards, you must also alter your lifestyle to prevent sleep bruxism.

  • Limit your drinking of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Stop smoking, especially right before sleeping.
  • Use relaxation techniques before you go to bed, such as listening to gentle music, meditating, or doing yoga.

Visit our dental clinic to find out which night guard will work the best for you. We will custom-make the right guard so that you feel better throughout the day and night.

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